Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Relay for a Cure post 14

Having a week off of writing a blog post was nice because I could use that time to study for finals. Now, I have to get back to my project, which has really been stalled over the past week because of the week of finals. I am pretty locked in on the theme of my final project for 20 time being about success. Every now and then I will get an idea that I say to myself "Hey, I can use that in my project". Even if what I am doing has nothing to do with school, I find myself getting ideas that can relate to my final presentation. Especially when I am not really doing anything interesting, like riding in a car to somewhere familiar. All of a sudden, I get an idea and make sure to write it as a note in my phone until I can write it in my 20 time notebook.

In terms of the event, it is taking place in 111 days. When I was looking at event dates, I made sure to pick one in May so I will have completed my project and have a result to my goal before I give my final presentation in June. By the time my final presentation comes around, I will know how my journey concluded, and I won't have to give the presentation ending on a cliffhanger not knowing if my goal was achieved or not. As of right now, my progress does not look like I will achieve my goal, but I am still learning and will pick up the pace in this new year.


  1. I think it is incredible that you set such a high goal for yourself! It amazes me how dedicated you were to reaching it and I commend you, even if you don't reach that exact goal. You tried your hardest and I think that speaks volumes over doing nothing but reaching the goal. I am glad to see your excitement over the event and I am sure you will love it! I would love to hear more about your exact 20 times project and how relay for life and your theme come together. I am glad you write all of your new ideas down so you don't forget them, as I am often guilty of that! One last thing, and probably one of my favorite phrases in this blog, would be when you talked about Relay and said "how my journey concluded." I feel like the word journey really draws people in, and I know for myself it made me connect and think about my own personal journey. Thanks for sharing with me and great writing :)

    1. Hi Megan! Thank you for your continued support of my project! It helps to get support for others, and to get feedback on how you think "journey" is a powerful word. I will remember that when I am preparing for my final presentation. Thanks again!