Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Relay for a Cure post 16

This week I wanted to work on my project, and prepare myself for working on it over mid-winter break next week. We have the whole week off (from the 17th-21st) and I think this will be very helpful to my project. As I was saying about wanting to work this week, I had several things planned. None of those things ended up happening, because by the middle of the week I came down with a cold. It got progressively worse throughout the end of the week, but by Saturday I finally started feeling better. Now Sunday, I feel alright but I haven't done anything and I don't feel well enough to do anything now, so this week has slightly been a disappointment to me.

In addition, I had a good amount of homework to do this weekend. From bio labs to English stories to learning Spanish proverbs, free time when I felt good came few and far between. One thing that you may or may not have noticed is that on social media websites (specifically Facebook and Twitter, but I have only seen it on Facebook) is now that some people's profile pictures have a purple tint to them. This is all part of a movement called "Purple Your Profile" created by Chevrolet and the American Cancer Society. Chevrolet is going to contribute $1 to the American Cancer Society for each and every purple profile until they donate $1 million or until the end of this year. It is being put on to help finish the fight against cancer, and was started the day before World Cancer Day, which was last Tuesday, February 4th. I think this is great for the American Cancer Society as a way to get involved in social media and for Chevrolet to get involved in the fight against cancer.

Here is a link to where you can go to purple your profile:

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  1. I am so sorry to hear you were disappointed because you got a cold. Unfortunately colds are unexpected, as well as make working awful! Shake it off, the cold is going around everywhere it seems so I am sure you are not alone. I will definitely be checking out the purple tint because I also agree that is an easy way to give back to a great cause, and an awesome way for Chevy to get into the cause. Keep up the good work and you will make up for the week you had to take off, don't sweat it :) great job this week!