Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Relay for a Cure post 19

This week I am going to talk about what I accomplished last week, becuase I got a lot done last week but in my blog I reflected on what I thought of 20 time. Last Wednesday, I went with the other two members of my team at the time to a Relay Kickoff meeting. We learned about what the American Cancer Society does, and heard from different people about their experiences with cancer. At the end of the meeting, we received some helpful information about fundraising and the event itself. Since then, our group has increased in number up to 4 official members with 2 verbal commits to joining the team.

As a said in my blog two weeks ago, I had sent out just over 20 emails to friends and family members informing them about my school project and asking them for donations to my team. The response to these emails was overwhelming. In the past two weeks, more than $700 has been donated to my Relay by people I emailed two weeks ago. That on its own has been amazing, but most of those donations came with encouraging comments. This response has been everything I could have expected and then some. As soon as a donation came in, I have tried to send a thank you email back to the donor, and as of now I am totally caught up on thank you letters.

Below is a picture from the Kickoff event:


  1. $700! That's amazing. That just goes to show how amazing and helpful the internet truly can be. How did you feel about the speeches from all the different people affected by cancer? Keep up the goodwork!

    1. The speeches from people affected by cancer are very inspirational, and they help describe what the American Cancer Society does for different people. Thanks!