Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Relay For a Cure post 20

Hi everybody!

After the reflection blog post, my teacher decided to make blog posts required ever other week instead of every week, which is why I didn't post anything last week. The idea behind it is that some weeks people didn't have time to work on their projects, so this way blog posts would be more substantial.

The first thing I did since writing my last post was attend a captain's meeting. I didn't know about it until I was told from my partner and co-captain about it because he wasn't able to go. He wanted me to go so we had somebody from our group there to get any information from the meeting. I thought the meeting was from 7-8, but when I got there I found out it was from 6-7. This isn't as bad as it sounds, I got there a little before 7 (because early is on time and on time is late) so all of the Relay people were still there and were able to give me all of the information I needed to get from that meeting. Now I have in paper the time for the next meeting, so I will make sure to be there at the correct time.

Another addition made to 20 time based on the reflection blog posts was that starting last Friday, we are going to give in class minute-long presentations updating the class on how our projects are going. Only 8 people go every Friday, in order to make the rest of the time available for people to work on their projects. On Friday when Mr. Provenzano said that we would be starting presentations, people with names near the top of the class list alphabetically were moaning because they thought they would have to present that day. Mr. P ended by saying we would do presentations starting at the END of the alphabet. This made everyone with a last name starting with B and C happy, and everyone at the end of the alphabet started to groan. I, on the other hand, jumped out of my desk excited and to present for the class. I am he last person in my class alphabetically, so I was up first. I explained to my class about my fundraising and meetings I have attended to further my knowledge about the event. After presenting, I felt like I broke the tension for other people to present knowing it is not that bad to stand in front of a class and in 1 minute talk about what you have been working on for 6 months.

Also, I changed my blog's background to a bunch of basketballs because March Madness has started and I LOVE MARCH MADNESS


  1. First off, what team are you routing for??? Secondly, I love how you filled in all your readers in the first paragraph so we weren't left hanging. As I am sure I have said before I love the enthusiasm you have about this project, and the great detail you gave in explaining how excited you were to share your project. Want to share with us all you took in from the new approach your teachers taking with the minute long presentations? I would love to know how you felt about your project presentation, as well as any thoughts about others.

    1. Well, I was rooting for Baylor until they lost, so now I am rooting for Dayton because they are the cinderella team of this year. I think the idea behind the minute presentations is to prepare us for the final presentation, and I think they are helping to prepare us.